TMT bars are extensively used in different kinds of civil construction projects; therefore they form the cornerstone of modern city life. Being the core strength of all kinds of structures, TMT bars are needed to be capable of withstanding large loads.

In order to meet the advanced load handling requirements, stringent methods are used to create Arun Plus TMT bars. They are made with the highest quality raw material and a highly controlled manufacturing process, resulting in a superior product. Our state-of-the-art quality control lab ensures a standardized and consistent product across all batches. We believe strongly that customer satisfaction is most important and are available 24/7 for their support. With quality and service as our core, it is no surprise that we are a company of the future, striving to be the best steel manufacturers in the nation.

Go for quality. Go for the A+ Advantage

Arun A+ Advantages

100% Billet Made

Arun Plus TMT is made from our own in-house billets, manufactured using extremely stringent quality control processes. We use superior raw materials to produce superior billets, which are then used to produce Arun Plus TMT bars- ensuring a high quality end product and quality control from start to finish.

Earthquake Resistant

The chemical properties of Arun Plus TMT bars, allow it to withstand natural calamities, including earthquakes and floods. They feature excellent shock-absorption qualities. Moreover, they have incredible bending/ re-bending properties – making them an ideal choice for construction in earthquake-prone regions to cope better with sudden load surges and absorption.

Corrosion Resistant

Our high quality manufacturing process gives our TMT bars anti-corrosive properties. The bars undergo a controlled water-cooling process, that resists formation of coarse carbides. Coarse carbides are the main reasons for the corrosive nature of a common bar.

Long Lasting

Better ductility and bendability of Arun Plus TMT bars makes them easy to work at site. The corrosion resistant nature as well as the high bond strength with concrete, ensures that they are long lasting.

Cost Effective

Starting from production to final application at the construction site, using Arun Plus TMT, will help you save money. Our bars have high tensile strength and better elongation that aid in considerable saving in steel.